Justin Bieber has ''baby soft skin'', according to The Saturdays star Una Healy.

The 18-year-old Canadian singer's cheek is as smooth as a newborn child's according to Una, who scared off the teen heartthrob by touching his face and obsessing over his skin when they met.

Speaking on E! Entertainment show 'Fashion Police', Una told host Joan Rivers: ''We met Justin Bieber, he was on a TV show with us and I remember I went in for the kiss on the cheek and he's got baby soft skin!''

Her bandmate Rochelle Humes chimed in: ''You were so creepy though. She said to him,'Your skin is so soft!' Don't tell him that!''

The girl band were equally as star-struck when they encountered musician John Mayer on their second night in Los Angeles while filming their new reality show 'Chasing The Saturdays'.

Super-fan Mollie King laughed: ''We saw him the second night we were here and he was at the same place we were having dinner. I was sat with my back to him and was like, 'Girls, move round the table!' Everyone had to play musical chairs so I could see him.''

Frankie Sandford joked: ''She didn't just stay at the table, she then had to do a swoop of the whole restaurant, 'Is he still there?' ''

However, Vanessa White wasn't impressed with Katy Perry's current beau John and claimed he was her most disappointing celebrity sighting while in the US.

Vanessa tutted: ''John Mayer - he was just not that great!''