PATRICIA BIEBER, the mother of teen pop-star Justin Bieber, has reportedly turned down $50,000 to appear in a topless photo-shoot for Playboy Magazine. The 34-year-old apparently turned down the offer because the idea goes against her religious values, according to The Third Age.
Bieber's reluctance to appear in the magazine sees her join a long list of celebrities who have also rejected offers to appear topless. OKSANA GRIGORIEVA, the wife of Mel Gibson who's currently embroiled in a bitter divorce with the actor, allegedly turned down $75,000 and the promise of a front-cover, to pose for the magazine. The 36-year-old pop singer Nelly Furtado is reported to have turned down an offer of $500,000 to appear full clothed. Lady GaGa, the former Spice Girl Mel B, and the actress Lindsay Lohan are also high-profile names who have rejected Playboy's big money advances.
16-year-old JUSTIN BIEBER is now recognised as being one of the biggest pop stars in the world, and the singer spoke about his family life in a recent interview on the US TV show 'Extra', Bieber said, "I think that whatever happens, happens. I'm not afraid to tell the truth. There are ups and downs, my mom is very proud. My dad, he misses me. I don't see him a lot".