Lamont Richmond's representative wrote to Justin requesting a meeting in the letter, obtained by

The Sorry hitmaker, 22, was outside his hotel following a National Basketball Association (NBA) championship game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the visiting Golden State Warriors when he became involved in a fracas.

Video footage of the clash obtained by TMZ, shows the singer appearing to exchange blows with another male as he is thrown to the ground, before a woman intervenes and breaks up the fight. Neither of the pair are facing criminal charges at this time.

Editors at the website claim the Cleveland local thinks meeting face-to-face will "help seek a resolution" and that he is also prepared to take joint responsibility for the fight - as long as Justin admits his culpability too.

Lamont's representative reportedly told TMZ if Justin doesn't respond to the request, it could prompt a lawsuit.

At the time of the incident Lamont insisted he and his female friends were not looking for a fight when they approached Justin and asked for an autograph.

"The fool ran up on me," he says in a video posted online. He later claimed he had received death threats from Beliebers and lost his job after the fight.

The fracas came a month after Justin urged fans to stop asking him to pose for photos when out in public, insisting the snaps make him feel like a "zoo animal".