Justin Bieber 's paternity case looks like it might finally be creeping to some sort of conclusion after it was revealed that the 17 year-old star has taken a Dna test to determine whether he is in fact the father of Mariah Yeater's four month old child as the 20 year-old alleges that he is. Bieber's camp have denied the accusations all along.
The other week Yeater defended her allegations to The Insider that the pair had had unprotected sex after a show in Los Angeles last year, saying "When we got to what turned out to be a bathroom, his whole demeanor changed, it went from cute and gushy to, just, more aggressive." However so insistent are Bieber's team that this did not happen that they immediately agreed to the Dna test, organising it themselves in New Jersey and informing Yeater's lawyers that upon the expected news that he'll be proven innocent they would then sue the mother of one. Understandably Yeater's legal team are feeling a little nervous about the situation.
With Tmz reporting that the test was conducted under "very controlled conditions", it seems like Yeater isn't really going to have a leg to stand on in any ensuing court action; Bieber has already confirmed that they will not settle