It's hard to tell what passes for becoming a man these days, but if birth dates are it then Justin Bieber can count himself as finally hitting manhood as the squeaky clean singer turned 18 today. Bieber has only been around since 2009 in the public eye but it feels like so much longer, such has the commercial success and general ubiquity of the fresh faced star been since he burst upon to the scene having been spotted by Scooter Braun. Selling millions of records over the world, despite not yet being on his second proper album, Bieber's real success has come virally through YouTube, Facebook and Twitter - his team being one of the earliest at the top to see the platforms potential for attracting fans; as such Bieber trends almost daily, whilst he's one of the most searched for terms on Youtube.
So what does the future hold for Bieber? He can't stay in this squeaky clean image forever, Zac Efron has been having a good go at it but, aged 24, the cracks are beginning to show and he recently had to answer questions about dropping a condom from his pocket at the 'Lorax' premiere; silly maybe, but when you're whole image has been tailored to become child-friendly for so long the impact of something like that becomes far more exaggerated. The worry for Bieber's team must surely be that as he gets older he'll cease to appeal to his core demographic or early adolescent girls, or someone else may take his place.