Justin Bieber is releasing his own trading cards.

The 16-year-old pop star is thrilled that fans will be able to collect 150 unique cards and 50 stickers in the way he used to get excited about his collect likenesses of his favourite Hockey stars.

He said: "It's awesome; it makes me feel great.

"I always dreamed of being a hockey player and having my own trading card. I remember collecting hockey cards, so the idea that kids are going to enjoy my cards like I enjoyed my hockey cards is amazing!"

The collection of official trading cards, which also features four nine-card puzzles that can be arranged to create mini posters, will hit shelves around the US this week.

Among the packs produced by Panini America will be 500 randomly inserted autographed cards.

The card and sticker packs will be just one more item in the teenager's vast collection of merchandise, which so far includes three CDs, a fragrance, a line of nail polish, T-shirts, mugs, aluminium water bottles, lunch boxes, headphones, dolls, Christmas tree ornaments, a Halloween wig and boxer shorts.