The 23-year-old singer was charged with a ‘crime against the city order and cultural heritage’ after vandalising The Hotel Nacional back in 2013, on his previous visit to the country. However, the case was suspended as Bieber left to continue his Believe tour, leaving officials unable to notify him of the investigation against him.

But now he’s set to play in Rio once again on Wednesday night (29Mar17) as part of his Purpose World Tour, the city’s Public Prosecution Service has reportedly confirmed the case will be reopened.

“With the news that the singer will be returning to Brazil, the Prosecution Service requested that the court issue a writ of summons in his name,” a statement posted by MailOnline reads. “The request is so that the accused is made aware of the charges.”

The outlet added that Rio judge Rudi Lowenkron will send a court clerk to wait for Bieber’s arrival at the international airport, where he will be served a document to sign and confirm his awareness of the situation. If the star refuses to do this, Lowenkron has approved police to use force in getting him to sign the paperwork during his concert at Rio’s Apoteose Square venue.

Bieber is thought to be leaving the country after two other shows in Sao Paulo on 1 and 2 April (17), before which he may be questioned further by police and given a sentence by a judge, MailOnline claims.

The site which the Baby hitmaker spray painted is a protected heritage site, and as such the crime carries a fine or a year in prison.

“The musician does not have permission from the owner of the site to do the paintings,” Antonio Ricardo, of the Rio’s Civil Police, said at the time.