The 22-year-old singer is currently in England for his Purpose World Tour, and jetted into Luton airport on Monday (10Oct16). But ahead of his performance at London's O2 Arena on Wednesday night (12Oct16), Justin decided to work up a bit of a sweat having a kickabout with students at Highgate School in north London.

Wearing a pair of grey jeans, a waterproof jacket and bright orange trainers, Justin looked delighted to be able to join in the physical education session, and even tried his luck at scoring a penalty during the soccer game.

The school confirmed the superstar's appearance with a message on their official Twitter page, which read: "Look who turned up today for Senior Football!". They also shared snaps of Justin alongside the students.

Pupils at the school were beyond surprised to see the Love Yourself singer there, taking to social media to express their astonishment.

"I'm screaming Justin Bieber just turned up + played football with all my mates. Why is he here and why did he want to play with us," one wrote.

And a former student couldn't believe her misfortune at having missed Justin's surprise appearance, tweeting: "Justin f***ing Bieber was at/is at my old school in London playing football on the field. I swear the world hates me."

Others were unsure about whether or not it was a prank or real, with someone tweeting: "Sorry why was Justin Bieber playing football at highgate is this real?"

The reasons behind Justin's visit, which appeared to be impromptu and unplanned, are as yet unknown.

One student, Rachel Kiki, also spoke about Justin's drop by on London radio station Heart FM on Thursday morning (13Oct16), telling host Jamie Theakston: "It was a bit confusing at the beginning cause everyone just thought he was a random year 11, they just thought someone just wanted to come and join in, until they saw all the tattoos on the neck.

"Then we realised, wow, Justin Bieber wants to come play football with us. It was so exciting. There wasn’t really any screaming, it was the guys trying to keep their cool."

But Rachel admitted Justin's ball skills left a lot to be desired, laughing: "He wasn’t terrible… I feel bad saying that. But to be honest he’s a pop star so he doesn’t have loads of time to play football."