People are up in arms about Justin Bieber again after he was reported to be driving at 100 miles per hour in a sports car. It's been widely reported that the 18 year-old was trying to drive away from paparazzi who were chasing him for photos, and though pulled over for speeding, you don't have to be too sharp on the workings of celebrities and the law to guess that he's probably going to get off.
A politician who saw the whole thing doesn't believe that he should however. Dennis Zine told the Los Angeles Times "As I watched, I was anticipating a crash. It was chaos. Total wilful disregard for people on the roadway." Zine claims that he saw Bieber's car drive up behind him and veer in front of him, cutting in and out of other cars too as he sped off. The paparazzi meanwhile were also in full chase, driving on the shoulder and cutting vehicles off as they sought to keep up with the star.
Talking on 'Good Morning America', attorney Mark Geragos has his say too. "It's hard to blame solely the paparazzi," he commented. "Bieber drives a car that attracts quite a bit of attention. Pictures of that will bring money to paparazzi if they see it and sell the pictures, especially of him in the car."