Justin Bieber has shaved his moustache.

The 'Boyfriend' hitmaker posted a clip of himself shaving off the barely-there facial hair to his nearly 20 million followers on Instagram.

The Canadian singer, whose appearance has changed dramatically since he first arrived on the pop scene, can be heard asking a friend, ''Should I do it?'' and ''RIP 'stache!''

Justin, 20, begins the video by applying shaving cream to his face and asking his friend, ''Is this how you do it?'', who responds by saying: ''I think that's how you do it.''

The pop star then says: ''Here I go!'' as he takes his battery-powered razor and begins to remove the fluffy hair.

And though the before and after difference was negligible, it succeeded in returning Bieber to the clean-cut image that saw him become a huge star around the world, when he released 'Baby' in 2010.

The singer posted a shot of his newly-shaven face on his Instagram page, with the video appearing to show Bieber and his friend at the 16,000 square foot mansion he's been renting in the Hollywood Hills.