The Canadian pop star is facing another legal battle after allegedly spitting on his former neighbour, Jeff Schwartz, who accused the singer of vandalising his Calabasas, California home two years ago.

Last year (15), Schwartz launched a bid for compensation over the incident, amid claims the 22-year-old had assaulted him and caused him emotional distress during an argument.

According to, Justin's lawyers are now seeking to block the release of their client's upcoming deposition video to the media, over concerns the tape will become a "spectacle" and insisting "it's unfair to put it out in the world".

Justin's legal representative also cited the decision of a judge in the class action lawsuits against the now defunct Trump University, which was founded by U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, as a precedent for the case. In the Trump University cases, which were settled in November (16), it was ruled the deposition video tapes would be kept under wraps, with the judge concluding that public interest would be satisfied via the public release of the transcripts alone.

Accordingly, Justin's lawyer reportedly stated, "Sometimes privacy in lawsuits is a good thing".

Justin previously pleaded no contest to vandalism charges, but demanded Schwartz and his wife Suzanne undergo mental evaluations to prove they're still battling the psychological issues they are demanding compensation for as a result of the two-year-old incident.

The Sorry singer, who has since moved out of the area, was placed on probation, fined and handed five days of community service and anger management counselling as a result of the egging attack.