Justin Bieber's mother wants his fans to stop telling her that he makes them ''horny''.

Pattie Mallette - who has over 3.24 million followers on Twitter - has pleaded with his loyal army of followers, known as Beliebers, to stop sending sexually explicit messages to her on the social networking site as they make her feel uncomfortable.

She wrote: ''Dear Sweet Beliebers, Please stop telling me my son makes you horny. It's NOT something a mom wants to hear. Love Mom #ThingsYouDontTellMom. (sic)''

However, Pattie is more than happy to continue to support his young fans and loves it when they refer to her as ''mum''.

The 39 year old offered some words of wisdom to the 'Boyfriend' singer's admirers last month, telling them to always ''let out'' their emotions and never bottle up their feelings.

She tweeted: ''Leave it in the past they say, but you have to feel it to heal it & grieve it to leave it. #DontStuffYourPain #LetItOut #ScreamIfYouHaveTo

''When you stuff your pain it stays inside like poison even after years. Let it out you will feel so much better. #TearsAreLiquidPrayers (sic)''

After receiving grateful replies from numerous Beliebers, Pattie added: ''I love it when you guys call me mom. I love you too!!! Hugs. (sic)''