Justin Bieber's fashion line Drew House is hosting its first pop-up in Hong Kong.

The 25-year-old pop star - who is married to model Hailey Baldwin - launched the range in January and on March 30 and March 31 they will make the their home the city's Art Basel fair.

The laid-back label will showcase their designs - which are priced from $20 to $200 - from their new collection in an interactive video rental store space, which will see 18 pieces, including corduroy, bucket hats and sports shorts on display.

A spokesperson for the brand - which is popular with Justin's wife, rapper Travis Scott and Will Smith's son Jaden and sold-out its first collection upon its launch - commented: ''As a small, new brand from Los Angeles we just wanted to be accessible to the other side of the world.

''We wanted to serve a place that perhaps wouldn't normally have first access to something like this. Hong Kong is one of the biggest and most forward-thinking markets for fashion in the world. Once we found this store location it was a done deal. It felt like a home away from home...and we're all about that.''

It's not known if the 'Sorry' hitmaker - who recently announced he's taking a break from music - will be in attendance at the two-day event.

Justin was involved in ''every step'' of Drew House.

He launched the clothing business with stylist Ryan Good and his collaborator recently praised the 'Boyfriend'' singer, claiming his ''eye for fashion'' is one of the ''most valuable tools'' the brand has.

He said: ''He's involved in every step of it, from what we want to make to how we're going to shoot it to how visuals are going to look and how we're going to roll it out.

''That's one thing that's really important to me. He's got a great instinct and you've seen him over the years--even just how his style has evolved and his eye for fashion.

''It's not just his impact, but his actual eye for fashion is one of the most valuable tools that our brand has.''

Ryan admitted that although Justin and Hailey are valuable assets to promote the fashion brand because of their fame, their main impact comes from simply how good they look wearing the clothes.

He said: ''Of course, it's cool, him and his wife and their impact on fashion from an eyeball standpoint, but the truth is that they both actually just know it.

''You can see his impact in fashion for sure on other brands. I think more than anything, it's because they both look so good in clothes.''

The designer and longtime friend of the 'Baby' singer also revealed that the musician is very ''detail-oriented'' when it comes to designs.

Ryan explained: ''[He is] specific. He's detail-oriented, which is awesome. How things are fitting to very specific technical details.

''The form and shape and material and softness and etcetera 'Maybe this could feel a little bit softer. This is not soft enough'''.

The pop-up takes place at 36 Cochrane Street in Central Hong Kong.