Justin Bieber has been reunited with Baskin Champion at a SoulCycle class.

The 'Sorry' hitmaker has been romantically linked to the blonde beauty since his high-profile split from Selena Gomez, and Justin was apparently very happy to see her ahead of their workout session in Los Angeles.

An eyewitness explained: ''He arrived and went up to the front desk and was chatting with the staff. He was very animated and friendly.

''A few minutes later, Baskin walked in and walked right up to Justin. He was leaning against the desk and she put her arm around his for a second as she leaned in to say hi.''

The duo left SoulCycle separately following their 45-minute session, but were reunited later in the day at Justin's mansion in Hollywood.

A source told E! News that the 24-year-old star's security met Baskin on the street and escorted her inside through the garage.

The sighting of Justin and Baskin together came shortly after an insider revealed that he and his ex-girlfriend Selena remain ''very friendly''.

The on/off couple recently called time on their romance once again after reuniting in 2017, and they're staying separated for the time being as neither of them wants a ''serious'' relationship at the moment.

But a source explained: ''They were at church last night, they didn't arrive or leave together, but they were very friendly and civil. They're still very close. It's not awkward between them at all.

''He loves her so much, but they both know a serious relationship right now is just too much to take on.

''It's been a weird few weeks for Selena. She's tired of taking on other people's dramas and just wants to continue focusing on herself and going to church is a big part of that. She knows the paps will be there and make a whole thing of her and Justin having a 'run-in,' but it's not like that, they're fine.''