The photographer hit by Justin Bieber's car thinks the singer is a ''good kid''.

The 'Sorry' hitmaker accidentally struck Maurice Lamont with his huge pick-up truck as he left The City Church service in Beverly Hills on Wednesday (25.07.17) but the paparazzo doesn't blame the 23-year-old singer because ''accidents happen'' - though he did suggest the Canadian superstar might want to consider a different vehicle.

Maurice shared a video from himself in his hospital bed on Instagram on Thursday (26.07.17) and said: ''OK. Shotgetter's hanging in there everybody. Hour before my birthday hits I get ran over by Justin Bieber.

''Isn't that something? He's a good kid though. I think the truck was a little bit too big for him though 'cause there's no way he could see over the front.

''But like I said, he got out, he was compassionate, he's a good kid, accidents happen. Hopefully everything works out here. Getting ready to go into the x-rays right now.''

The incident, which took place at around 9:30pm, was captured on camera and Justin immediately jumped out of his vehicle to help the injured man - who had hurt his his leg - up off the ground.

The 'Believe' hitmaker agreed to wait with the man until the an ambulance arrived to assess his injuries and even managed to squeeze a smile out of him as he joked around with him.

The 57-year-old photographer reportedly told Justin he was ''fine'' but was later taken to hospital with his non-life threatening injuries.

According to ABC7, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian had also attended the service at the church but were not present when the ''low speed'' collision took place.