Justin Bieber has been paying rent on his mother's secret Los Angeles mansion.

The 20-year-old singer is said to have helped mum Pattie Mallette with a home in California, with one his companies providing the money she needs to pay for the property.

According to gossip website TMZ, the huge mansion costs $8,000 a month, and Justin is doing what he can to help his mother.

However, Pattie has reportedly got into trouble over the home after getting home improvement work done without asking her landlord's permission.

She is said to have installed a mirror in her gym without paying the bill, leading the company that did the work to file a lien against the property amounting to $3,414.

Justin's mum thought she was being overcharged, and they recently settled for $2,600 - although the landlord wasn't told.

It seems the star is looking to invest in another home soon, with recent reports claiming he was looking at a property in the UK.

An insider said: ''Justin wants somewhere quiet to escape to when it all gets too much.

''England has always appealed to him, and he wants somewhere that feels like it's cut of from the rest of the world - which is why he has his heart set on the Isle of Wight.''