Justin Bieber keeps his own backstage area totally segregated from his support acts.

The 'Sorry' hitmaker mysteriously called off the remainder of his 'Purpose' world tour back in July due to ''unforeseen circumstances'' but, prior to cancelling his gigs, he had great fun playing with segways and other ''cool toys'' before his shows - but all the artists performing before him could do was watch, and they had no chances of being asked to join in as Justin doesn't mingle.

Rothwell, who supported him in the UK, exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I didn't get to meet him. Coldplay do that and they're amazing for it but he had one end of the backstage and we had the rest. It was amazing backstage.

''There were things we weren't really allowed to go on like segways and lots of toys and cool things. But we weren't allowed to go on them, it just wasn't really for us to touch.

''We wouldn't want to step on anyone's toes and then there was this band room, which was so cool. It was near our dressing room and you go look through the window and they're all rehearsing and I think it's where they go to write as well.''

But the 23-year-old pop superstar made sure only the best grub was available for him and his support act on tour as they were able to tuck into meat feasts and cheese.

Rothwell explained: ''I just love catering on tour. The food was really good. I think I had pork with potato dauphinoise. There's cheese boards and this fantastic stuff.''

Throughout his time in the limelight, Justin has had numerous run ins with the law but Rothwell believes he's just trying to relive his ''teenage years'' because he spent so much of it writing and creating music instead of experiencing growing up.

She said: ''I saw him briefly walking down the corridor. He was strutting his stuff with all of his security guards. I think he's a teenager because he lost his teenage years. He's probably just re-living that and having a great time but I think it's tricky when you have so many people following you and you don't want to do anything because if he did the slightest thing, anyone could just twist it and make it unfair.

Meanwhile, Rothwell will support Louise Redknapp at London's Scala on January 24.

Her new single 'Freedom' is out now. Visit www.officialrothwell.com for more information.