Justin Bieber is ''doing so much better'' since he cancelled several dates on his 'Purpose World Tour' earlier this year.

The 23-year-old singer was forced to call off the final dates of his extensive world tour in July this year after suffering from ''exhaustion'', and sources now say that after taking a few months to get himself together, he is ''happier'' and ''more energetic''.

An insider said: ''It was a really bad scene. He was just not himself. He was profoundly unhappy. Exhausted, low energy. He was just miserable. He needed to step back, recalibrate, and then figure out his next move.

''It has been a process, but he's doing so much better. You can talk to him and see that the old Justin is coming back. He seems happier, more energetic. It's encouraging. He's not completely there, but he's definitely on his way.''

The 'Sorry' hitmaker is believed to be more ''emotionally and spiritually grounded'' since taking time away from the spotlight and becoming more invested in the Church, and sources say the transformation is ''beautiful to watch''.

A source added to People magazine: ''For a long time, it was just awful, but it's not anymore. Justin is seeing the beauty around him. He sees that his life is beautiful, that he's beautiful. He's young and rich, but that's not enough. He's now becoming emotionally and spiritually grounded, and the difference is written all over his face. It's beautiful to watch.''

The news follows a report in August that claimed the 'Love Yourself' singer was ''doing better already''.

An insider said at the time: ''He started out in the business as a kid, but he is older now. He wants to have control over his life and health. He hasn't been feeling well mentally for a while. Canceling the tour was the right thing for him.

''He needed to take a break and just focus on himself. He is doing better already. He is focused on his spiritual journey. He wants to be stronger mentally.''