Justin Bieber surprised Carly Rae Jepsen with his songwriting abilities.

The 'Baby' hitmaker has championed the Canadian singer/songwriter, even appearing in the music video for her song 'Call Me Maybe' and while Carly was a fan of Justin's music, she had no idea what a prolific songwriter her is.

Speaking in an MTV twitter chat with fans, she said: ''[Justin's} extremely talented -- and, I mean, obviously that's pretty well-known -- but in ways that I didn't realise. I knew that he sang, I knew that he was sort of infectious in his personality, I knew that he danced, but I didn't know how strong of a songwriter he was, and my first introduction to him was actually in his studio and he played me a couple songs he had written, and I was really impressed and I was so glad, because I really, really liked him.''

Carrly also admires Taylor Swift and would love to work with her.

She said: ''I think I'm open to collaborating with anybody. I have, like, a dream list of people that I want to collaborate with. John Mayer is on that list and Taylor Swift, actually. I think she's an amazing songwriter. I would imagine that would be a cool combination.''