Justin Bieber has hit back at PETA after they slammed him for purchasing two exotic cats for $35,000.

The 'Sorry' hitmaker and his wife Hailey Bieber were accused by the animal rights organisation of ''not caring'' about the animal overpopulation crisis in the US after they bought Savannah cats Sushi and Tuna from a breeder, rather than adopting cats from a shelter.

But now, Justin has hit back at the charity, claiming they should focus on ''real problems'' like animal cruelty and poaching.

He wrote on his Instagram story: ''PETA go focus on real problems. Like poaching, and animal brutality. Ur tripping because I want a specific kind of cat? U weren't tripping when I got my dog Oscar and he wasn't a rescue..every pet we get must be a rescue? I believe in adopting rescues but also think there are preferences and that's what breeders are for. (sic)''

In another post, the 25-year-old singer told the animal welfare group to ''suck it'', and in a third he insisted they should be helping to clean the oceans of plastic.

He added: ''PETA go help with all the plastic in the ocean. And leave my beautiful cats alone.''

This week, Justin and Hailey, 22, were slammed by PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange for their decision to by Savannah cats, which are a cross between a serval and a domestic cat and can weigh up to 25lbs.

She said: ''Justin Bieber could inspire his fans around the world to save a life by adopting a cat from a local animal shelter - rather than fuelling the dangerous demand for hybrid cats, contributing to the animal overpopulation crisis, and proving that when it comes to helping animals, his stance so far is 'I don't care.' ''

According to the Savannah Cat Association, the animals are legally restricted or banned in a number of states in the US but are allowed as pets in Illinois, Tennessee, South Carolina and California.

Justin reportedly bought his F1 Savannahs - which are blood brother and sister - from a breeder in Illinois just before he and Hailey tied the knot for the second time at the weekend.