Justin Bieber has reportedly fallen out with his pastor Carl Lentz.

The 'Sorry' hitmaker popped the question to his partner Hailey Baldwin last weekend following years of on/off dating but his long-time friend - who he used to credit for getting his life back on track - was reluctant to congratulate the newly-engaged couple when he was approached by photographers in Sydney, Australia, on Friday (13.07.18).

A source told TMZ: ''Justin became angry at Lentz a while ago and broke ties with the pastor. Justin and Hailey, have both been active members of Hillsong and continue to patronise the church but, at least as far as Justin is concerned ... Carl is history.''

The 24-year-old singer developed a friendship with Carl after he turned to the Hillsong Church in 2015 and him and Hailey have both been seen attending the pastor's services in Australia and New Zealand over the past three years.

Although it's thought he's fallen out with Carl, Justin still takes his faith seriously as him and Hailey, 21, are planning to take part in a five-week pre-marriage course - which will cover financial management and intimacy - run by Hillsong before they get hitched.

A source said recently: ''The marriage course is something which is encouraged and in some cases demanded by Hillsong pastors before they will marry you. Justin obviously has a past; he had a long term relationship with Selena Gomez, and he wants to go into life with Hailey with a clean slate.

''It is something they are both keen to do as faith is important to them and it will really help build a strong foundation for the years they plan to spend together.''

The five-week course will start with an online assessment of the strengths and weakness in their relationship before the church will look at the results and decide which areas need to be targeted throughout the month-long sessions.

According to the Hillsong Church website, every couple taking part will be assigned a 'support couple' and asked to attend five classes over a five week period.

It says: ''If you weren't ready for marriage before, you will be now.''