The Sorry star is set to head out on his Purpose World Tour in March (16), and he is making sure he has everything he needs to feel at home while he treks across the globe.

Justin has revealed he has a motorcade of tour buses to suit all his needs - one of the vehicles is kitted out with gym equipment and another serves as a mobile recording studio.

During an appearance on Australian radio's The Kyle & Jackie O Show, he explains, "I will be touring on a bus. It's a different vibe, I don't mind it... We got a pretty nice bus and I got some other buses... I have a studio bus and a workout bus ... It's a gym... It's just a big gym..."

The Baby singer also reveals he is bringing a half pipe on tour so he can keep up his skateboarding hobby while he is away.

Justin admits life on the road is more fun than being at home because he can party as much as he wants: "When I go on tour and I'm not doing all this stuff and getting up early... On tour it's more lenient, I can bring friends and party and sleep all day. It's better. I can hang out with my friends."

During the interview he also opens up about his smoking habit, adding, "I am a smoker, not a hardcore one, though... I'm not condoning it in any way," and admits he has another vice on tour: "I love Ritz crackers with peanut butter..."

Justin kicks off his tour in Seattle, Washington on 9 March (16) and will head to countries including Iceland, France, Germany, Poland, and Italy before concluding the trek in London on 29 November (16).