If demands for ticket sales is anything to go by, Justin Bieber is five times more popular than One Direction. According to MTV News, viagogo have reported that online searches for tickets by the two artists leave One Direction outnumbered by Bieber by some five to one. Since he confirmed his six dates in the UK (the first one being Manchester on February 19, 2013), Justin Bieber's online searches have seen a 216 per cent increase.
A spokesperson for Viagogo said "One Direction will soon be returning home after charming America, but our data shows that Bieber is currently more popular than the whole band put together." He added "They'll have to pull out all the stops to compete with Bieber Fever which looks set to reach boiling point in the UK!" One Direction fans might not be happy about this news - they are notoriously protective of the British lads - but even if they decided to direct any hate towards Bieber, it would be water off a duck's back for the seasoned teen popstar, who has been in the business long before Harry Styles could even hum the X Factor theme tune.
Bieber's had word or two to say about his haters recently. In an interview with Q magazine, he said "I would say to my haters, I love you. Thank you for supporting me by hating me. When they write messages on my YouTube page, I get money for that. So they're just giving me money to hate on me."