Veteran rocker Kenney Jones feels sorry for Justin Bieber after witnessing the hysterical reaction of young female fans at one of the teen star's concerts.
Jones, who replaced Keith Moon in The Who following the drummer's death in 1978, took his daughter to see Bieber perform in London earlier this year (11).
The musician found himself sympathising with the young pop star - because the scenes of hysteria at the show reminded him of his 1960s heyday with the Small Faces.
Jones tells Uncut magazine, "We had a cute look. We were all small and incredibly young. Without knowing it, we were four Justin Biebers. I took my daughter to see him at the O2 Arena, and when the girls started screaming, it all came flooding back. It was eardrum-shattering. I thought, 'I know exactly what you're going through, mate.'"