It looks as though Justin Bieber, 18 and Selena Gomez, 19, might be preparing to take their teen romance to the next level. The teen superstars have been spotted together, shopping for some pretty pricey looking jewellery, according to Chicago Sun Times. Apparently, they were eyeing up some expensive accessories in a couple of jewellery stores, some if which would definitely fit the bill for a potential engagement ring for young Gomez.
According to the report, sources close to the young couple have said that they are "convinced" that a marriage announcement could soon be on the cards. Justin only recently turned 18; for his birthday, he was presented with a $100,000 electric sports car, whilst he was a guest on Ellen Degeneres chat show. The car was presented to him by his manager, Scooter, who said that it was a rare treat for the teenage crooner, who is always encouraged not to "get anything flashy. You know, we're not about that. Be humble, be humble." Whether or not that ethos would extend to the purchase of an engagement ring for his teenage sweetheart though, still remains to be seen.
Selena and Justin are certainly not shy of public displays of affection. Fox News reported earlier this week (April 8, 2012) that they'd been snapped on the 'kiss cam' at the Lakers game. When they realized they were in view of the camera, they put on a loving display for people that were watching.