Justin Bieber's mother says they ''bonded'' during his humble upbringing.

Pattie Mallette has claimed before her son's rise to fame he didn't have a ''crazy life'', instead sharing a connection because of their tough surroundings.

She told Parade magazine: ''He had his whole childhood where we were just together, and he didn't start his other crazy life until he was a teenager, so we really bonded through just being together.

''I was on government assistance, working two jobs just to try to put food on the table, and really struggling through to make it. I just did whatever I could do to be the best mum I could be.''

The 'Beauty and a Beat' hitmaker's mother recently denied her son is going off the rails, insisting he will ''come out on top'' despite recent indiscretions - including peeing in a mop bucket and shouting ''F**k Bill Clinton'' [the former President of the United States] and partying at an over-21 nightclub.

She previously said: ''My son is not a public figure to me, he is my son. I can't predict what's going to be in the headlines

''Justin has always been someone who has to do things his way. And I have to be able to believe he will do the right thing and he will come out on top.''