In all the furore promoting his single 'Boyfriend' and its forthcoming video, young Justin Bieber hasn't had much of a chance to see his girlfriend Selena Gomez of late, the pair being kept apart with conflicting busy schedules that'd terrify most teenagers. However the couple finally had a smoochy reunion as they took in a basketball game between the LA Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs.
Sitting in the front row of the crowd, as you'd well expect, Bieber and Gomez looked delighted to see each other again, and didn't care a jot what those around them thought as they engaged in plenty of touchy feely and more than a few tender kisses. Aww, young love might be frivolous in the eyes of some, but the purity of it sure does mean things like busy schedules and long distances apart from each other don't seem to matter as much as they do later on in life.