Justin Bieber, the 17-year-old pop sensation, spent some quality time with his father Jeremy in Las Vegas recently, according to People Magazine. Pattie Bieber raised her son as a single-mother, but the singer has maintained contact with his father, who married another woman and had two children.
The singer and his father enjoyed some bonding time in Las Vegas, where they rented out the penthouse suite at the Paradise Tower inside 'Sin City's' Hard Rock Hotel. The pair then attended the Ufc fight before retiring to their room for a luxury feast, reportedly ordering pizzas, chicken wings, churros and more. Jeremy had previously tweeted about meeting up with his son, telling followers, "off to sleep will wake up in vegas", before tweeting, "made it to vegas". Bieber himself told his 10 million followers, "Chillin with my dad @lordbieber and @danawhite at the Ufc fights". The young star has previously spoken about how his Dad exposed him to bands such as Guns N'Roses and Metallica while his mother turned him onto more vocal groups such as Boyz II Men.
Justin Bieber gained worldwide fame after his mother began posting YouTube videos of him performing covers of various R&B songs. The singer later signed to Island Records and has since earned a reported $53 million.