Last year pop sensation Justin Bieber almost had his world pulled down around him by a 20 year-old woman named Mariah Yeater. Yeater claimed that she and Bieber had got together after one of the star's shows, impregnating her in the process. Bieber would've been 16 at the time of the incident, and Yeater was insistent that she was owed child support for her only child. However the claim was quickly seen through, with Bieber's team sending Yeater running scared and normality soon returned for the all conquering singer.
It evidently hasn't quite been forgotten by Bieber however. Now 18, he's readying his second full album and admitted that some of the songs were influenced by those reports last Autumn."Songs like that girl - Mariah Yeater - who said she was going to have my baby," the 18-year-old pop-star said, according to Bbc News, at a preview event for his new album. "I wrote about that situation."
It's not known whether that track will make it onto the final album, however it's not the first time that week Bieber's referenced Yeater. On Twitter at the weekend, Bieber wrote "Dear mariah yeater ... we have never met ... so from the heart i just wanted to say.." before linking to a video of Sacha Baron Cohen's character Borat saying "You will never get this" repeatedly.