Justin Bieber spent Valentine's Day with a fan; a six year old girl named Avalanna Routh who has been suffering from brain cancer since she was a baby. Avalanna's parents sent Bieber a message via Twitter and the young singer quickly replied, offering to spend some time with their daughter.
According to a report from Metro, Justin flew the young fan and her family to New York, where he and Avalanna spent the afternoon "eating cupcakes, cuddling and singing his hit song 'Baby' together." There is also a photograph of Avalanna playing with his famous haircut. One of the pictures published showed Justin cuddling Avalanna and giving her a kiss on the cheek. It's the same photo that he had uploaded to his Twitter page yesterday (February 14, 2012), accompanied by the message "Best Part Of My Day." Last year, doctors and nurses at the hospital where she was being treated, organized for Avalanna to 'marry' Justin Bieber. As the real Justin wasn't available at the time, a life-sized poster of him took part in the nuptials instead.
Bieber kept his fans updated throughout the day, via his Twitter page, referring to the six year old as Avalanna. In one picture update, he posted a picture of them playing board games together, with the message "hangin out with a special little girl. MrsBieber'" Justin is dating the actress Selena Gomez and it looks unlikely that he managed to rendezvous with her for their own Valentine celebration as he later posted a message saying "back in the studio tonight."