Justin Bieber has hit headlines in Australia again after a guest at a hotel in Perth lodged a complaint over the star's behaviour.

The Baby singer concluded the Down Under leg of his Believe world tour in Perth on Sunday (08Dec13), and he spent the hours leading up to the show relaxing by a swimming pool at the Hyatt Regency hotel.

However, a fellow guest at the hotel lodged a complaint against the star over allegations she heard him shout nasty comments at a group of young girls who were sunbathing in bikinis.

Helen Robinett, from Melbourne, tells The West Australian publication, "There were four young girls in bikinis. One girl who was gorgeous looking, with long dark hair and would have been about a size 14. Justin looked over at her and said 'What are you, Hawaiian or something?' She said 'No, I'm not'. Then he said 'You look like a beached whale'... The girl said 'Are you serious' and he said 'You should go on (weight loss Tv show) The Biggest Loser'... The whole pool deck heard him call this beautiful young girl a beached whale. Everyone heard. And there was silence. It was almost like his security were used to it."

Hyatt Regency marketing communications manager Rachelle Taylor refused to comment on the alleged incident, but added, "We are a hotel, we have hundreds of guests staying with us, we simply cannot speak on behalf of every single guest that comes in and interacts with another guest. But obviously we want all our guests to feel comfortable and not intimated by anyone. We have security, as do any Vip guests, they have their own security."

During the last show of Bieber's tour, the singer thanked his Australian fans for standing by him during his tumultuous trip Down Under, telling the audience at the Perth Arena, "You guys have stood by me. I love you so much..." before later adding, "I'm sorry if I seem a little upset. This is just my last show, you know. I feel a little sad but I'm also really happy to be spending the last night here in Perth, Australia."

Bieber's jaunt Down Under has been marred by controversy - a member of his entourage was detained by police at an airport in Brisbane on suspicion of carrying marijuana, while the star himself was reprimanded by cops for allegedly making an insulting remark to customs officers. He also incurred the wrath of parents for starting a number of his shows late and leaving his young fans waiting, while the Gold Coast's mayor took aim at the star for daubing graffiti on a wall in the grounds of a hotel in the area.