Justin Bieber has admitted that touring is taking a toll on him.

The 22-year-old singer took a break from his 'Purpose' World Tour to perform at V Festival in the UK on Saturday (20.08.16), where he told fans that he is missing his family while on the road.

According to The Sun, Justin said: ''I've been on tour a long time now - away from my friends and family.

''It gets tough sometimes... You just need 'Company'.''

Justin also praised UK audiences for being authentic and revealed that he was feeling slightly hungover after spending the night before his gig partying with Rihanna at Tape nightclub in London.

He said: ''I'm a little hungover, I'm not gonna lie. You guys don't like to fake anything in the UK, which I respect.''

And he went on to get quite reflective, saying: ''How beautiful is the world? Who here values their life? I think growing up we go through periods here we don't value life as much as we should.

''I know I went through a period where I didn't value life like I should have. Life is a gift - none of us asked to be here - we all have our own problems. I don't know how you guys felt coming here today and you don't know how I walked in feeling today but we're together for a reason.''