Justin Bieber's mother doesn't think she ''could have picked a better match'' for her son in Hailey Bieber.

Pattie Mallette has paid a gushing tribute to the model, telling her son he has been ''truly blessed'' with a ''beautiful'' wife.

She wrote: ''You have truly been blessed with a BEAUTIFUL bride, son ... INSIDE AND OUT! I don't think I could have picked a better match for you. You are a gift to each other. I am grateful and consistently humbled by the love and blessings of God over you both. My mamas heart is full. Okay. Here we go again. (sic)''

Justin previously thanked his wife Hailey's parents - Stephen and Kennya Baldwin - for ''letting'' her marry a ''savage''.

He shared a throwback photo of himself, Hailey and her parents on the night they first met on Instagram and wrote: ''Me and the wife! and the in laws !! Thanks for lettin ur daughter marry a savage like me.(sic)''

The 'Sorry' hitmaker originally married Hailey in a secret ceremony in a New York courthouse in September 2018 but Monday's wedding will be a religious gathering in South Carolina in front of family and friends.

An insider recently said: ''They are both beyond excited to celebrate with friends this weekend. They are happy that they are finally having a religious ceremony. It's very special for them. This past year has really been a test for them. A test on their marriage. They are very proud of how far they have come. Justin is doing much better. He keeps focusing on his music and seems excited about it.''