Teen icon Justin Bieber caused offence on the set of an Australian chat show during a recent trip Down Under - he swore at a production crew member who touched him.
The Baby hitmaker, who is just 16 years old, stunned staff at Sydney-based morning TV show Sunrise last month (Apr10) when he cursed at a floor manager who led him him to the performance stage.
Sunrise host David Coch tells Aussie radio station Mix FM, "We had him on and he was a thoroughly nice bloke, really decent guy.
"Our floor manager was directing him to where he was about to perform and he turned around to (floor manager) Nick and said, 'Don't ever f**king touch me again'. Nick went 'What?'
"And then (Bieber's) sound guy said, 'Don't take offence mate he tells us that all the time.' So I was a little disappointed in that... I thought maybe someone needs to drag you aside and give you a bit of a slap."
It's not the first time Bieber's high-maintenance ways have come under scrutiny - he allegedly stormed out of an interview during Radio 1's Big Weekend in Wales at the weekend (22/23May10) when a journalist asked about his tattoo.