Justin Bieber is close to causing Norwegian police to declare a state of emergency in the capital city of Oslo after - in a scene that seems resonate of a horrible dystopian future where pop stars dominate the earth- literally thousands of screaming teenagers rampaged through the streets when they caught sight of the 18 year-old pop sensation.

Wherever Bieber goes there's always a huge demand for him, but it's clear that authorities in Norway weren't prepared for quite how much of a demand that would be, and they were overrun. TMZ.com reports how numbers swelled greatly ahead of the star's performance outside the Oslo Opera House this evening where he'll be performing four new songs - it is now believed that authorities have asked his team for help in the matter before residents of the area lose their hearing as a result of the tinnitus-inducing banshee-like screams of the excited teenage masses.

Authorities back home in America are eager for Bieber's help too, although for somewhat different reasons. It's been widely reported that the star had an altercation with a member of the paparazzi in a mall recently, with the photographer claiming that the singer had left him injured. Police are taking the claims seriously, and so whilst Biebermania is being whipped up across the Atlantic in Europe, they're patiently drumming their fingers and waiting for his return.