Justin Bieber has fallen victim to online bullies since he shot to fame, but he's determined not to let the vicious jibes get him down.
The Baby hitmaker opened up about his bullying experiences during a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and he told the presenter he tries to brush off the hateful comments with humour.
He says, "Everybody goes through bullying. Everybody has, even me. On my YouTube page there are so many haters. They just say crazy stuff. Like, I'm not mad. I'm 16 years old and I don't have chest hair and I'm not angry about it at the moment. That will come.
"People are like, 'Look at him, he puts helium in his voice before he sings.' You just have to laugh at yourself. It's funny."
And he's also urged teenagers to help out any peers they see being targeted by bullies.
Bieber adds, "There are so many bullies. It goes on so much. I think that you should... especially if you are a bystander, you definitely should help out because it could be you next."
The episode is due to be screened in the U.S. on Wednesday (03Nov10).