A promotional video for the 2010 American Music Awards has been released, featuring a group of motorcycle enthusiasts dancing to one of Justin Bieber's hit songs, reports the Huffington Post. The awards ceremony is set to take place on November 21st 2010, and ABC's new video looks set to go viral.
The ad sees a group of tattooed bikers in a bar fighting over which song they want to hear on the jukebox. Suggestions such as Katy Perry and Kesha are banded around, before JUSTIN BIEBER's track 'Baby' is chosen. Once the song kicks in, the bikers then break into a choreographed dance routine. According to USA Today, the 16-year-old pop-star is set to perform at the awards show in Los Angeles this month, with Perry and KESHA also confirmed to play live. Bieber said, "As a small-town kid from Canada, I never imagined that I would be nominated for AMAs, let alone be performing on the show". The teen star will go up against Lady GaGa and Eminem for the coveted 'Artist of the Year' award.
Christina Aguilera, Bon Jovi, and Usher are other artists tipped to be performing, and music fans will decide who win the awards by voting online.