Hollywood may be oversaturating the market with 3D movies, something that could lead to a public backlash against the format, according to a study by the accounting house PricewaterhouseCoopers. The danger is that industry players risk killing a golden goose by overselling and, in some cases, overpricing the 3D experience -- and by providing too much mediocre content that doesn't do Justice to the technology," PWC concluded. It noted that more than 40 3D movies are set to be released in 2011 largely due to the fact that producers have discovered that it is easier to find financial backing for 3D films than for the 2D variety. People, it said, have become "too eager to finance 3D films. ... This supply of funds in a globally difficult film financing environment has led to a push for the conversion of some films originally envisioned as 2D into the 3D format. This often proves ill-advised."