Canadian musician DANIEL LECHAMP has gone to American TV show CELEBRITY Justice to clear his name over a BRITNEY SPEARS stalking incident.

Lechamp was arrested after he pestered Britney's separated mum and dad at their homes in Kentwood, Louisiana, in April (04).

But he insists he just wanted to show her parents that he was a "nice boy," and doesn't understand why he has been branded a stalker.

Lechamp told Celebrity Justice yesterday (19AUG04) "(I wanted to) introduce myself as a gentlemen to the mama, and say, 'Hey, do you think I'm a nice boy?'"

When Britney's terrified mum, LYNNE, pressed charges, Lechamp tried to win over her father.

He explained, "I said to JAMIE SPEARS, 'Tell your wife to drop the charge because I'm homeless."

But Britney's dad simply called the police.

And even though calling into Celebrity Justice to discuss his case has put Lechamp in more legal hot water under strict stalking laws, he insists he just wants to tell Britney, "I didn't went (sic) there to do some crazy things."

Instead, he wants to wed Spears, who will marry fiance Kevin Federline later this year (04), insisting, "(I can offer her) the simple things in life. Maybe we're meant to be together. I haven't really had a relationship with women because I was waiting for the good one."

20/08/2004 02:36