DJ Just Jack has slammed comments by George Michael that cannabis can help the creative process, the Sun reports.

The Starz in Their Eyes singer denied George Michael's claims that the drug helps the writing process, perhaps tarnishing his hip hop image but earning him a place in the hearts of many parents.

"It has the complete opposite effect on me. It really is a way of escaping having to work," the north London-born performer told the newspaper.

"For me, smoking weed just meant I sat and watched a load of s**t TV for hours on end when I could have been doing work. It just slows me down."

And hard-working Jack says he is dedicated to his work: "I cant function properly if I smoke. Interviews are all 'ums' and 'ahs'."

In fact, so hard-working is Jack that he reportedly worked a number of day jobs so he could perfect his sampling techniques before he made it big, including a washer-upper, a flower arranger and a shop assistant in Gap.

But with his second album, Overtones, reaching the dizzy heights of number six in the UK charts it seems Jack won't be returning to the day jobs anytime soon.

27/04/2007 08:18:09