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Just Jack
Starz In Their Eyes
Single Review

Just Jack Starz In Their Eyes Single

Poetic wordplay and playful street-beats shroud this lash out at those who exploit dream-seekers. A flighty pop element and Jack Allsop's commanding and honest vocal gait, gives the offering credibility and the lyrics are well thought out enough to avoid the band wagon jumping tag;

"When you're trippin' over your dreams they'll keep you down by any means.
By the end of the night you'll be stifling your screams,
since you've become a VI Person it's like your troubles have all worsened."

The Radio Edit, as expected is more polished than the longing album edition of the number. The latter mentioned demonstrates the cutting nature of Akira The Don, especially in the lyrics and the streetwise snippet towards the end, while elements of The Streets and Plan B seep in to widen the appeal. There is a lot that does appeal about Just Jack, in this brief flash of his wit and scything edge.

Rating 8/10

David Adair

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