Jurassic Park star Sam Neill has become a grandfather.

The 65 year old's daughter Elena recently gave birth to a little boy, and the actor admits his make-up artist wife Noriko Watanabe is delighted with the newest addition to their family.

In a column for The Spectator, Neill writes, "I have recently had a new grandson. I say this almost as if it were a personal achievement, but grandchildren in truth are thrust upon you whether you like it or not. He seems a perfectly agreeable sort of chap, as babies go. He's a quiet baby, and quietness is highly regarded in people that small. And in fact I admire it wherever I find it...

"This boy's grandmothers are in a complete lather over him, and are quite incapable of keeping their hands off the little tyke. I'm not big on baby cuddling as it happens... Anyway, this boy seems to be universally thought of as winsome. I have no idea about that, but I do like his general quietness. We sit and look at each other in companionable silence; he sucks on his pacifier and I on my 2008 Pinot (wine). I like to be quiet too."