Jurassic 5

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Jurassic 5, one of the most widely respected names in hip hop, are returning with their most confident album to date – Feedback.

Check out five track from the new album here now!

Feedback is a real tour de force for the LA six piece, showcasing not only the vocal diversity of the four emcees Chali 2Na, Akil, Marc 7 and Zaakir, but also the breathtaking use of beats and samples driven by DJ/producer Nu-Mark.

Fans have grown to expect the unexpected from a band that have never been afraid to experiment or collaborate. Single 'Work It Out' provides the first surprise with a chorus by Dave Matthews, the result of the two bands touring together recently. The track is a mellow moment in the middle of an otherwise electric album that also features Mos Def on Where We At and the production skills of Scott Storch (Eminem, 50 Cent), Salaam Remi (Nas, Fugees) and Exile. The album closes, in traditional J5 stlye, with a showcase for Nu-Mark's talents in the form of the instrumental Canto De Ossanha.

The band's shows are renowned as one of the most exciting and inventive on the whole live circuit. Nu-Mark's use of a turntable strapped around his neck and a Fisher Price-style sampler provided the talking points on their 2004 UK tour and fans can expect more surprises when the band return for some as-yet unannounced live dates.

When Jurassic 5 first emerged, on their self-financed 1997 ep, they were a shot in the arm for hip hop with their combination of unique voices, novel approach to samples from all areas and politically conscious lyrics. That ep became the basis for 1998's Jurassic 5 LP with 2000's Quality Control and 2002's Power In Numbers soon following, to equal critical acclaim.

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