June Sarpong is leading the campaign for beauty products for all skin tones.

The 39-year-old television presenter has joined forces with British high street chain Superdrug as a Shades of Beauty Ambassador to help encourage beauty brands to cater to women of all skin colours.

She said: ''As a black woman I know how hard it is to find affordable beauty products. I can't wait to get going and be a voice for black women and I'm delighted that Superdrug is listening to customers and is going to help make a real change.''

Whilst Sarah Gardner, head of beauty at Superdrug, added: ''We know that we've not offered all our customers the products they need in the past, but we are going to do our best to address this issue once and for all. It is crazy to think that in 2016 women with darker skin may have to spend twice as much for a foundation to match their skin tone or have to go to a specialist stores to find suitable haircare.

''The first step of the Shades of Beauty campaign will be online, and we're delighted to say Maybelline, L'Oreal and Revlon have all risen to our challenge and will be launching an additional 23 shades for darker skin tones by the end of July. September will also see more shades launch. We know this is a small start, but we're determined to see this through and ensure that when women with darker skin come into our stores they will find a good choice of shades, and find the perfect match for them.''