Julio Iglesias has had his passport and cash stolen from a Venezuelan hotel room.

The Spanish crooner had $1,600, three iPads and a suitcase containing video cameras, personal documents and a computer taken from his hotel room while he was playing a concert in the South American country earlier this week, El Universal newspaper reports.

A police official confirmed the 68-year-old singer had been robbed and investigators have questioned staff members at Julio's hotel in an attempt to gain more information about the theft.

The officials are hoping surveillance footage will help to identity the criminals, but despite the incident Julio is set to continue his tour of the continent with a gig in Peru tomorrow (12.05.12).

It's not the only recent surprise Julio has been subjected to as he recently admitted to being ''angry'' with Chabeli, the eldest of his eight children, when he only found out he had a granddaughter, Sofia, when she was six weeks old.

He explained: ''I think it was a surprise for everyone. I knew she was pregnant, but I must confess that I didn't know of the birth until a month and a half later.

''You have to respect your children, even if you don't always understand them. I love my daughter very much and she loves me. I fully support her.

''She called me a few weeks ago and said, 'Dad, you've got a granddaughter. She's beautiful'. At first I was a little angry.... Well, fairly angry. But I eventually understood her reasons.''