Hollywood actress Juliette Lewis has credited her rock 'n' roll singing career with saving her life.

The OSCAR-nominated star, 31 - who once dated BRAD PITT - was devastated when Hollywood snubbed her after her notorious battle with drugs and insists she would have returned to dangerous substances if she didn't have her band JULIETTE LEWIS AND THE LICKS to distract her.

Lewis explains, "My whole life I've wanted to be a rock star, there has never been an actor like me doing a band like this. Never.

"I've had to prove myself my whole life, I've never had anything easy, and I've always been the underdog.

"This band is urgent, hungry, energetic."

Lewis - who has been touring with the band across America - adds, "I used to do musical workshops when I was little, and I was really drawn to jazz. My heroes were people like Billie Holiday, Rickie Lee Jones."

She says of the band's debut album LIKE A BOLT OF LIGHTNING, "It's a punch in the face. I love it. I absolutely love it."

18/07/2004 14:25