Actress/singer Juliette Lewis was forced to overcome being stereotyped as a prostitute to succeed as a rocker. The JULIETTE + THE LICKS frontwoman was stunned to discover she couldn't enter the male dominated world of rock 'n' roll without being portrayed in a sexual way. The 33-year-old Natural Born Killers actress says, "It's 2006, you would not f**king believe the video treatments (music video ideas) I was given. Nine out of 10 video treatments were me being a stripper, me working in a brothel, there was one where I'm just fornicating with the camera. "Even though I write sexual innuendo lyrics and they're funny and rock 'n' roll, so does Jack White. You think he gets a video treatment where he's f**king the camera? "In this game I am an actress crossing over, I'm a female doing c**k rock, I'm having to prove myself but I kind of thrive on it."