Hollywood actress/singer Juliette Lewis is shunning her celebrity lifestyle to experience her rock 'n' roll dream, even if it means going for days without showering. The OLD SCHOOL star has recently taken time out of touring with her band Juliette And The Licks to perform in the London production of FOOL FOR LOVE. Despite over 10 years in Hollywood, Lewis admits music associates are stunned to see her refusing Tinseltown privileges to tour with her band, who are yet to hit it big. She says, "There are so many weird assumptions that get made when you are an actress. "You know, that you're a millionaire or that you travel a certain way. People create some kind of mythical thing about the world of Hollywood. "I have to laugh at it. It's not as if I ever had a red carpet outside my door with a horse and carriage waiting. And now that I'm on tour I'm just traveling with my band of brothers and, yeah, we don't shower enough, and, yeah, it's completely non-stop, but you see I asked for this."