Actress-turned-punk rocker Juliette Lewis is set to shock fans in a new ad for designer JOHAN LINDEBERG ad, by posing topless.

The NATURAL BORN KILLERS star teamed up with the punk fashion king when he offered to design her stage attire for her group JULIETTE + THE LICKS' European tour.

In the provocative ad, Lewis, who was once engaged to Brad Pitt, is stretched between two chairs in a dressing room, wearing only a pair of Lindeberg's jeans.

British rocker Carl Barat also features in the simmering ads.

Meanwhile, Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan is set to become Lindeberg's next famous model after agreeing to wear the designer's outfits exclusively onstage during the group's upcoming PLAYING THE ANGEL tour.

Gahan admits he signed up with Lindeberg after seeing the fashion king's controversial campaign with Lewis and Barat: "I thought that campaign was very effective and I'm excited about being involved."