Actress Juliette Lewis has blasted critics for judging her venture into the rock industry without even watching her perform.

The sexy Hollywood star is currently fulfilling her dream of touring with her group Juliette And The Licks, but she's sick of responding to questions about her commitment to music.

So Lewis has urged her doubters to witness her onstage - a spectacle she feels certain will change their harsh opinions.

She says, "The shows are important because I knew people would ask questions, you know: 'Is she serious?', 'Is this for real?', and my answer is always, 'Come and see the show.' My thing is I like showmanship.

"I'm trying to give a show that I would want to watch - one with a sense of drama, silliness and showmanship. So as far as the acting bulls**t goes, those questions will be answered if I'm still doing this in a year."

04/03/2005 09:36